Breaking Down Marshall McLuhan Technological Determinism

Marshall McLuhan became a force to be reckoned with in the early 1960s.

Yet his idea of the media did not go align with the current trends of the time. McLuhan would also do interviews and discuss these points that were not really accepted at the time. But his ideas about media technology and how they influence human behavior came to be accepted in the coming years.

Strong points from McLuhan

  • The Linear-Oriented Print Paradigm,

One can’t read a book and read the newspaper at the same time. Yet this point shows how we can’t comprehend two forms of media at the same time. With this paradigm, it had made sense and it still does now.

  • Electronic media will differ from print media,

From McLuhan, “People relate to the world around them according to which sense they use to learn about it”. This statement is still valuable in today’s time as we learn from what we are surrounded by.

  • McLuhan’s strong point of view, “The medium is the message”

How communicators convey their intended message to sway to what they want their audience to believe. I truly believe that this is one of the strongest statements made by McLuhan and I still stand by it as I think it is still relevant in this day of age.

Weaker Points Made by McLuhan

  • Global village

McLuhan’s idea of the global village is a great idea and concept to an extent. The goal of this statement is to be connected, yet we are, but now with social media, it can seem to be divided globally.

  • Tv vs. Magazine

With McLunhan’s thoughts, the difference between tv and magazine was the way they were mediated, not from the content. To an extent this is true. Yet now that more people watch tv than read magazines anymore, this is no longer really true based on his terms.

  • Extension

“Changes the way people relate to their environment” With the tools we have now, this statement is still relevantly true, yet I think now it can no longer be seen as an extension. But, as a necessity. We use tools all day every day in so many aspects of life. Even when it comes to media there are so many tools that can be utilized.

When it comes to McLuhan’s thought of electronic media will differ from print media, I believe there is nothing truer than this. We are surrounded by electronic media and it is becoming rarer and rarer that we are around print media. For example, newspapers are now digital, so there is no need to pick up a paper copy when it is in my hands on my smartphone.

Marshall McLuhan is an excellent scholar with very scholarly points even for the time period that he served in. I think many of his points have been carried out throughout these years and he is still relevant in knowing what his ideas were back in that time.



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